What’s the Buzz in Chapala?

When we first arrived in Chapala, one of our first discoveries was that our backyard was inhabited by hummingbirds. We were (and are) delighted! Having lived for several years in Arizona and coming to love hummingbirds there, to have their presence again seemed a great sign of how life would unfold in Mexico.

In our backyard, we have a few large plants and a refreshing swimming pool, shared among the four apartments in our complex. The backyard is walled in (see the video above) with light fixtures.

So, off to Walmart to purchase a hummingbird feeder and that lovely bright red bottle of hummingbird food.

Hanging it off one of the light fixtures, we enjoyed watching a few hummingbirds feed occasionally. Typically, we’d have to refill the feeder once every seven to ten days or so.

Then over the last two weeks, coincident with the beginning of the rainy season here in Chapala (so far rainy season seems to mean cloud cover for part of the day and a few patchy rains), all of a sudden, the backyard was abounding with hummingbirds.

From maybe three or four or even six hummingbirds, we suddenly had a dozen, no wait!, eighteen or twenty or more, hovering around the feeder. We’ve gone from a fill every week or so to a fill twice a day and sometimes three. Word is spreading.

And they are bold!

We have floor to ceiling glass doors overlooking the backyard and when the feeder emptied, we would often see one or two of the hummingbirds come up to the doors and hover there, seemingly alerting us that they needed more food.

Then I would trudge out, bottle in hand, get the feeder and return to the porch to fill it on a little patio table there.

Bold indeed! Several of this “new” flock would come and hover around me while I poured the food, getting very close to me, close enough, even with my hearing loss, to hear the beating of their wings.

And I’ve found myself sitting on the couch, looking out the door, just lost in watching the dance and play of the hummingbirds. I could do so for hours. There is something endlessly fascinating to me about them.

We feel blessed that they have chosen to grace us with their presence.

Oops, well, got to go fill the feeder……….again.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Buzz in Chapala?”

  1. Here in Texas, near San Antonio the experts say no red dye for the feed, just sugar and water. Have you ever put a spray nozzle on your hose to let them take a shower? They love zipping through it. Happy that you folks are enjoying your new life down there. Thanks for letting us visit with you without a long trip or passport. Gololdrinas aka Cliff Swallows and also Martins make the long journey from down there to come up here and eat corn worms and other insects.

    Thanks, Jim. We’re making our own feed now. Never liked that red stuff anyway. We’ll give the “shower” a shot! Thanks. Are either the Cliff Swallows or the Martins bright yellow-breasted? We have one that struts around the pool area, the king of the domain. Takes an occasional dip into the pool. Not a dive, just a skimming of the surface.

  2. Just so you know…you do not need the red dye in prepurchaed food…just 1 cup sugar to 4 bcups water. Much healthier.

    Yes indeed, thank you. We switched over to that after our first batch of the bottled feed. Has the added benefit of being much less expensive as well.

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