Winter Break in Chapala

Okay. Christmas and New Year are behind us.

In Chapala, the decorations have come down. The manger has been removed and stored for next season.

Carnival is still a few weeks away.

It’s quiet here, and just wonderful.

It’s the dry season. Pretty much every day the sun is shining and the clouds are puffy white. The evenings and early mornings are crisp and cool, dipping down into the low 60s. The day warms pretty quickly and by mid-morning we’re in the 70s.

Just in time for a walk along the malecon. The malecon is sleek and sparse during January. The rides that populated it during New Year’s have moved out until their return for Carnival.

Every day we look forward to seeing the pelicans on the lake. They’re a study in grace and patience. And seeing them every day, we observe some of their nuances. It seems that each season their behavior changes at least slightly.

Last season, a large flock hung out on the pier at the Yacht Club, just off the malecon area.

This year, they’re hanging out on the breakwater on the east side of the malecon.

And there’s a large flock over on the west side of the malecon by some stairs that dip down into the lake. Fishermen stop by here to give fish to the pelicans. They know where to hang out!

They are such elegant, graceful birds, providing a peaceful, easy feeling right before our eyes every day.

Life is good in Chapala!

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